Transfer Printing

The automatic screen printing machine which has the capacity to produce 1 lac transfer print per day apart from semi-automatic machines which can also produce another 1 lac transfer prints per day. Besides the company has the capacity to manufacture the flock transfer labels also. qr 15 Manual Machines and 5 Automatic Machines for Direct Printing. The capacity of the unit is 10,000 pal la prints per day, according to the design. Jt lo undenotood that the tnanofen pnint io to be tnanofenned to palla/ganmento and fon that aloo the compan11 io equipped with the fuoing machineo. qr Digital Machine, Plotter & Sublimation Machine. qr Sublimation Machine having modern technologies that can capable of 360 meter per day. qr A team of 150 associates at one place to achieve the target. The company hos sound managing System to control the factory from Market researching, product designing to manufacturing. The company hos technical experts to guide the entire printing process.